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Chapters Into Verse

Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible


Laurance Wieder and Robert Atwan (View Bio)
Hardcover: Oxford University Press, 1993; Paperback: Oxford University Press, 2000.

Chapters Into Verse

The first collection of poems written in English and inspired by the Bible, CHAPTERS INTO VERSE draws a unique map of the history of English poetry and surveys and defines the literary legacy of the Scriptures from the 14th century to the present. Each volume is arranged in scriptural order and each poem is preceded by the passage that inspired it. Volume 1 covers the Books of Genesis to Malachi. Volume 2 covers Gospels through Revelation.

"This new anthology is a treat in many ways and from many directions.... Atwan and Weider have assembled a handsome treasury of poetry inspired by an even greater treasury of poetry... [I] was delighted, moved, entertained and illuminated by both [volumes]... Inspiration all around." — Jerusalem Post

"Superlative.... Altogether, this is one of the great desert island books. " — Theology Today

"Superlative.... Altogether, this is one of the great desert island books." — Theology Today

"Occasionally there appears a work of such originality and obvious usefulness that one wonders why no one did it before. A stellar example is CHAPTERS INTO VERSE.... [A] landmark collection" — Publishers Weekly

"Magnificent.... Beautifully made, with prints by William Blake on the dust jackets; considerately edited, so as to make older verse accessible through modernization; judicially filled, but not overstuffed with excellent poetry; CHAPTERS INTO VERSE is everything an anthology ought to be. It will sustain many hours of pleasurable reading and reflection." — Commonweal

"Here is a work that should delight many literate hearts....It's hard to think why any... [reader] wouldn't welcome and cherish this impressive anthology " — Booklist

"Astonishing that no one has come up with this idea before.... Highly recommended." — Library Journal

"A marvelous idea marvelously executed." — First Things

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