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How to settle the Google matter easily, cheaply, fairly, and efficiently. A modest proposal.
filed with SDNY 7.6.11

Writers' Reps LLC Objection to the Google Book Settlement
filed with the Southern District of New York, January, 2010

My answers to a film documentarian's questions about the Google Book Settlement
February 11, 2011

The Nutshell on the Google Book Settlement by Lynn Chu
posted August 20, 2010

Lynn's (verbal) objection to the Google Book Settlement
delivered to the SDNY, February 18, 2010. Link to full Objection is here too.

The Owner Account Options that Google Ought To Have Provided by Lynn Chu, posted 10.26.09
posted October 26, 2009 Also, the related Google Partner agreement, redrafted so as to be fair to owner/authors, is available from a link on the left hand side of this linked page.

What ought to be Frequently Asked Questions by Authors, about the proposed Google Book Settlement by Lynn Chu, posted 10.15.09
To have an informed opinion about the Google Book Settlement, you need to know the answers to these questions, which may shock you.

Lynn's twitters in chronological order Posted August 27, 2009-July 7, 2010
See also twitter.com/lynnchu for latest itinerant blurts

Google's Book Settlement is a Ripoff for Authors by Lynn Chu, Wall Street Journal, March 28, 2009,
If you want to read more there is plenty on the site, on the homepage on the right hand side, in reverse chronological order as it occurred to me. The talented Sarah Ruden also weighed in with an essay of her own from a writerly perspective, alleviating my own wonkish tone and legal concerns, for which I beg forgiveness.

The Revenge of the Epigoni by Lynn Chu Posted August 7, 2009
The latest word on why the Google Book Settlement needs to die.

What's Wrong With the Google Book Settlement by Lynn Chu Posted August 6, 2009
Yes, it's that bad. Were it not for the fact that I intend to nuke it, you should opt out.

The Opt In and Opt Out Confusion in the Google Book Settlement. Should I Opt Out?
Lynn's thoughts on the Google monstrosity as of June 12, 2009.

FAQ on the Google Book Settlement by Lynn Chu in response to questions asked by Doris Booth of Authorlink.com
Lynn's April 16, 2009 reply to a few questions for this web-based group, about the Google Book Settlement.

The Google Book Settlement's accounting details are ugly, the default assumptions worse...
posted by Lynn Chu 12:39 PM, March 23, 2009, rev. Mar. 26., rev. Jun. 12. at 3:20 PM

On the Google Book Settlement
posted March 19, 2009 by Lynn Chu. This one is serious, not bloggish rant, like the one below. It is the basis for Lynn's Wall Street Journal article of March 28, 2009, a link to which appears on Lynn's "author" page as well as the News entry dated 4.14.09.

Bloglike stream of consciousness rant on the Google Settlement, with Rahm Emanuel like moments
Lynn does not like this turgid 335 page collectivization scheme. Not at all. It is visibly driving her mad!

Lynn Chu

Lynn Chu is a principal in Writers' Reps LLC and an occasional writer of articles, op eds, poems, and other ephemera. She is a member of the New York State Bar and has a B.A. ('77, with Honors) and a J.D ('82) from the University of Chicago's College and Law School. She prefers reading to writing, and cycling to lunching.

Lynn Chu

Love this passionate, cautionary essay. 1946.

TNR internetiana 2.10.10
Harvard, shmarvard. This guy (Lessig) wouldn't know copyright if it sat on his face.

Newt’s Book: The Story Behind the Story
The Wall Street Journal, January 25, 1995.

The Chimera of the China Market
The Atlantic Monthly, October 1990.

Time for a New China Lobby
The Wall Street Journal, January 15, 1990

on The Ethics of Catherine DeAngelis
a wierd encounter on NPR...

Lynn on the OJ Regan flap
contrary to received opinion....

Why I Continue to Believe in the War in Iraq, by Lynn Chu
Harpers' Magazine, September 2006. An abridgement has just been published in Harper's. This is the original (rev) version.