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Thomas M. Disch (View Bio)
Online Edition: Chu Hartley Publishers, 2016.


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"Disch’s masterpiece…. A social novel of rare power and beauty…. Disch has written a book about the forgotten people, and in doing so he has produced a fine, subtle and moving novel." — David Pringle, Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels

"I find 334 more strange and beautiful now than when it originally appeared…. The tension evident within Tom Disch between delight in destruction (including self-destruction) and a weird tenderness toward the weak and the foolish (including himself), gave great power and poignance to his best work in fiction, which include 334, The Businessman, and On Wings of Song, with its hapless narrator, earthbound while others can fly. In those works nothing is resolved, but nothing is reduced to black and white; hilarity is tempered with poignance and pity; people are often foolish and self-serving (Disch has a knack for characters who can fool themselves for their own benefit) but they grow too large to dismiss." — John Crowley, Boston Review

"One of the best SF novels ever…. Disch is a phenomenal writer…. His prose has a hard glittering surface that covers immense depths of perception and of imagery." — D. G. Hartwell, Crawdaddy

"Frighteningly fascinating." — The Birmingham Evening Mail

"Disch’s special power is in his handling of people and of taboos… 334 is Mr. Disch’s important big novel." — Theodore Sturgeon, The New York Times Book Review

"SF comes of age...fascinating, eminently readable." — SF Commentary

"Disch shows certainty in everything he does...simply relax and enjoy." — The New York Times Book Review

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