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Beyond the Boom

New Voices on American Life, Culture, and Politics


Terry Teachout (View Bio)
Hardcover: Poseidon Press, 1990.

With an Introduction by Tom Wolfe

"Out of the Vile Body’s discussions of the world they inherited from the older baby-boomers has come this book of 15 sassy, iconoclastic, critical, thoughtful, funny, passionate, and occasionally up-yours essays. Editor Terry Teachout promises we will find ‘no stale Sixties romanticism, no wan Seventies disillusion, no tedious Eighties whining’ here; in that he’s right…. Like most compilations, BEYOND THE BOOM has flaws—a certain amount of repetition, some less than seaworthy argumentation—but its sins are for the most part the venial sins of exuberance. This is the nearest thing yet to that serious book that cries out to be written on a generation—the Woodstock generation—whose unexpunged sins have poisoned America’s cultural and spiritual landscape for the successor generation, and the rest of us." — National Review