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Elliott Abrams

Elliott Abrams received his B.A. from Harvard College, a Master's degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics, and his J.D. from Harvard Law School. An attorney who has practiced in New York and Washington, DC, he spent four years in the 1970s working for the United States Senate as Special Counsel and then as Chief of Staff to Senator Daniel P. Moynihan. In the 1980s he served as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, and Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, where he supervised U.S. policy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He is the author several books, among them: UNDUE PROCESS: A Story of How Political Differences Are Turned Into Crimes, SECURITY AND SACRIFICE: Isolation, Intervention, and American Foreign Policy, and FAITH OR FEAR.

Mr. Abrams now directs the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC.

FAITH OR FEAR: How Jews Can Survive in Christian America (Free Press, 1997)