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Fad Surfing in the Boardroom

Reclaiming the Courage to Manage in the Age of Instant Answers


Eileen Shapiro (View Bio)
Hardcover: Addison Wesley, 1995; Paperback: Perseus, 1996.

"Shapiro demythologizes the whole range of management strategies that purport to solve every executive's quandary." — The Wall Street Journal

"Honest, witty, and perceptive.... Required reading for anyone who still takes mission statements and 'core values' seriously." — Toronto Globe & Mail

"Cogent discussions of modern management mantras and manias." — Fortune

"This wisely irreverent book for business managers describes ‘riding the crest of the latest management panacea' in ways that can either make a company more profitable or wreak havoc, depending on how they are applied. Whether Shapiro (How Corporate Truths Become Competitive Traps) is describing ‘vision' or total quality management, she unearths a trove of applications ranging from innovative to whimsical. Then, tongue in cheek, she raises the major players to archetypal status by comparing them with Greek gods. Thus, in an effort to establish a ‘corporate culture,' one of the fad panaceas, General Electric crafted a climate of employee comfort during the Reginald Jones era but stepped up the pressure when Jack Welch became chairman. In like manner, the Greek god Hermes had changed the culture of the Olympian Council through new-fangled deal-making. A business dictionary at the end is strictly for laughs." — Publishers Weekly

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