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Gregory J. Millman

Gregory Millman has written three books, including his first, THE FLOATING BATTLEFIELD: Corporate Strategies in the Currency Wars and THE VANDAL'S CROWN: How Rebel Currency Traders Overthrew the World's Central Banks (The Free Press, 1995), which spent several weeks on the Businessweek bestseller list and was sold to ten foreign countries. Millman is a freelance journalist with M.B.A. and M.A. (Asian Studies) degrees. He writes frequently for Barron's, Forbes, Worth, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other periodicals. He has worked as an international banker and consultant, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and French and competent in Spanish and German.

THE DAY TRADERS: The Untold Story of the Extreme Investors and How They've Changed Wall Street Forever (Times Books , 1999)

HOME SCHOOLING: A Family's Journey (Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2008)