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Hidden Heroism

Black Soldiers in America's Wars


Robert B. Edgerton (View Bio)
Hardcover: Westview Press, 2001; Paperback: Westview Press, 2002.

Hidden Heroism

"Provides a well-written summary of the contributions of African-American soldiers over the years." — Journal of Military History

"HIDDEN HEROISM is a great book. It tells the untold story of Black American service men — they have upheld a proud and illustrious tradition in the military and have always served with distinction. This book needs to be a part of American history." — Brigadier General Remo Butler, Commander, Special Operations Command South

"Edgerton intriguingly takes account of civilian riots, and the armed forces' recent success in drastically reducing institutional racism in a relatively short period of time." — Publishers Weekly

"Edgerton has written a powerfully persuasive book documenting the intricate relationship between race in the American military and race in American society. It is difficult to write about this topic without sounding either shrill or apologetic. Edgerton is neither, and even those with the most 'ostrich-like approach to race' will find this work illuminating and disturbing." — Troy Duster, Professor of Sociology, New York University

"Edgerton documents the ways in which an honorable military status has been denied to African Americans. He convincingly shows here how painful race relations in America time and again have been reinforced by an enduring misperception of a socially labeled African American military cowardliness. Edgerton, already a pioneer in this field, provides in HIDDEN HEROISM a profound instance of the negative consequences of socially constructed stigma." — Philip L. Kilbride, Professor of Anthropology, Bryn Mawr College

"[Edgerton] offers a timely work in light of recent — and long overdue — honors accorded to African-American veterans of WWII and Korea." — Kirkus Reviews

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