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Home Schooling

A Family's Journey


Gregory J. Millman (View Bio)
Hardcover: Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2008.

Home Schooling

"The parents of six children home-schooled in Plainfield, N.J., the Millmans offer a positive, encouraging overview of their own efforts and of the nationwide movement…. Fueled by a distaste for public school education and a healthy mistrust for institutions in general, they gradually began to inform themselves about what home-schooling entailed: gathering curriculum and materials, then tailoring a program for each child. The authors put great store by “serendipity and randomness,” that is, letting life provide the “teachable moment” instead of adhering to strict schedules and plans, and they emphasized free reading, learning languages such as Chinese, music and travel rather than writing and textbook use…. The Millmans produce impressive rates of home-schooling success, and have three kids so far in college. Their cheerleading approach, while sometimes defensive, is accessible and resource-rich." — Publishers Weekly

"Gregory and Martine Millman took the road less traveled by. They turned their backs on conventional wisdom, listened to their hearts and followed their dreams. And they taught their children to do the same. Now they've taken the time to share their story, their insights and experiences, what worked and what didn't. For those just discovering the homeschool option this book will provide an eye-opening exploration of how one family charted a course through education by choosing to fully live their lives. And that has made all the difference. A richly rewarding, encouraging, empowering book!" — Helen Hegener, publisher of Home Education Magazine

"I can't think of anyone who homeschools who wouldn't profit from reading the Millmans' family journey in homeschooling. And I can't think of anyone who doesn't homeschool, and has no intention ever to homeschool, who wouldn't be provoked by it in the best sense of that term. The chapter on college is worth the price of the book all by itself." — John Taylor Gatto, former New York State Teacher of the Year

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