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Jon Entine

Jon Entine spent twenty years as a network television news producer, winning more than 20 awards, including two Emmys. He produced news magazine programs at ABC News and CBS News, and was Tom Brokaw's long-time producer at NBC News, where he was also the executive in charge of documentaries.

Now a columnist for Ethical Corporation Magazine and an adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, he writes for many publications on business and society, corporate responsibility, science and society, and media issues. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, and U.K. papers such as the Sunday Times, Guardian, Observer, Daily Mail, and Daily Telegraph, as well as many others around the world.

He is the author of TABOO: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We are Afraid to Talk About It (Public Affairs, 2000), which was widely praised and became an international bestseller.

ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People (Warner Books, 2007)