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Ladle, Leaf and Loaf

Soup, Salad and Bread for Every Season


Lisa Cowden (View Bio)
; Paperback: Houghton Mifflin, 2000.

Ladle, Leaf and Loaf

Lisa Cowden (co-author of SWEETNESS AND LIGHT) combines sumptuous recipes and delicate papercuts in this paean to cooking simplicity.

"With a variety of nearly 200 easy-to-execute recipes...and the intricate cut-paper illustrations...this is a nicely laid out work, with a valuable chapter oultlining menus for each season.... A section on ingredients is useful to read before you go shopping and is filled with interesting cooking tips." — Daily News (New York)

"When cool weather settles in, a meal of soup, bread, and salad is easy and delicious. LADLE, LEAF, AND LOAF by Lisa Cowden focuses exclusively on these three items, with creative and delicious recipes for year-round dining. Cowden's personal commentary is a nice touch." — The Arlington Advocate (Massachusetts)

"Lisa Cowden is an artists. In LADLE, LEAF, AND LOAF: Soup, Salad and Bread for Every Season, she displays her artistic sensibilities in her recipes, in her musings and in the marvelous cut-paper illustrations she created for her book.... LADLE, LEAF, AND LOAF, like Cowden's menus, is carefully balanced." — The Post-Crescent (Wisconsin)

"In other words: soup, salad, and bread. And in yet other words, mix and match — one of the most basic and satisfying of all cooking strategies....Cowden, who also illustrated this beautiful volume, breaks her 200-plus recipes into four sections: soup, salad, bread, and spreads." — Cooking Light

"Artist and cook Lisa Cowden draws on her experience in a health-food restaurant for LADLE, LEAF & LOAF: Soup, Salad, and Bread for Every Season. She shows how these three basic components can add up to impressive meals on their own, with more than 200 recipes for satisfying combinations at any time of year. Cowden discusses cooking as an art, a pleasing creation for the eyes and the palate. Her illustrations enhance the down-to-earth presentation." — Publishers Weekly

"[A] gem of a cookbook...Lisa Cowden has dished up a great selection of creative recipes to fill your kitchen with delicious aromas and indulge your taste buds with an intriguing blend of flavors and textures.... Get ready to elevate your favorite comfort foods to a whole new delicious level. LADLE, LEAF, AND LOAF has more than 200 recipes to get your culinary juices going." — Eugene Weekly (Oregon)

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