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Machiavelli on Modern Leadership

Why Machiavelli's Iron Rules Are As Timely and Important Today As They Were Five Centuries Ago


Michael A. Ledeen (View Bio)
Hardcover: Truman Talley Books/St. Martin's Press, 1999; Paperback: St. Martin's Press/Griffin, 2000.

Machiavelli on Modern Leadership

"To illustrate his ideas, Machiavelli made it a practice to give two examples, one ancient and one 'fresh.' With a firm grasp on American contemporary domestic and foreign policy, Michael Ledeen has provided what readers of Machiavelli need today — modern or 'fresh' examples. Machiavelli for Moderns goes beyond the Medici and Borgias, reaches for intelligent and courageous examples in the corrupt worlds of modern government, business, the armed forces and religion, to reveal that Machiavelli's warnings are hammering on the door of the 21st century." — Sebastian de Grazia, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of MACHIAVELLI IN HELL

"Michael Ledeen is a Renaissance man ...in the tradition of Machiavelli. — Ted Koppel" — Ted Koppel

"MACHIAVELLI FOR MODERNS slaps modern society across the face with ancient truths about human nature and power. Its honesty takes your breath away and its many stories ring true." — Philip K. Howard, author of THE DEATH OF COMMON SENSE

"In MACHIAVELLI ON MODERN LEADERSHIP, Michael Ledeen has written a book of admonition and exhortation that deserves more notice than it is likely to get.... Brief but rich, MACHIAVELLI ON MODERN LEADERSHIP is a tribute to the matchless 'brutal clarity' with which Machiavelli spells out 'the political and moral requirements of leadership'.... Chilling...Ledeen has written an astute book about modern leadership." — The American Spectator

"A fascinating and lucidly written little book." — The Washington Times

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