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On Wings of Song


Thomas M. Disch (View Bio)
Online Edition: Chu Hartley Publishers, 2016.

On Wings of Song

Some have attained flight—their spirits separated from their physical bodies and propelled on waves of their own, borne on wings of song. This is the story of a young man’s attempt to master the art of song and flight. We follow him through bizarre and enchanting terrain, from prison camp to marriage to the lovely daughter of a political wizard of the repressive Midwest to a new identity in a decayed and decadent New York City.


John W. Campbell Memorial Award Winner
Now available as an e-book!

"Stunningly original." — Harlan Ellison

"On Wings of Song, his 1979 masterpiece, is a work of literature. William Gibson called it ‘one of the great neglected masterpieces of late 20th-century science fiction.’" — Elizabeth Hand, Salon

"Tragic and funny, biting and sensitive, this brilliant novel should appeal to readers of mainstream novels as well as science fiction, both as entertainment and art." — Publishers Weekly

"Big, solid and immensely enjoyable." — David Pringle, Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels

"A superb book…extraordinarily original." — Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

"A free-wheeling talent—full of startling invention, humor, distancing surmise, and many, many immediate pleasures." — Kirkus Reviews

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