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Philip Bobbitt

Philip Bobbitt is A. W. Walker Centennial Chair of Constitutional Law at the University of Texas. He also taught law and strategy at the University of Oxford, Nuffield, where he was a fellow. For the last 23 years he has served in all three branches of the U.S. government, in both Democratic and Republican Administrations, as Associate Counsel to the President for intelligence and international security and the Counselor on International Law at the Department of State; Counsel to the Senate Select Committee on the Iran-Contra Affair and the author of the Senate Report Covert Action and the Constitution. Until returning to academic life in the fall of 1998-99 he served in a series of senior positions at the National Security Council at the White House: Director for Intelligence , Senior Director for Critical Infrastructure and finally as the Senior Director for Strategic Planning. The author of numerous books, essays, and articles, which include CONSTITUTIONAL INTERPRETATION (Oxford), DEMOCRACY AND DETERRENCE (St. Martin's Press), and TRAGIC CHOICES (Norton), he has studied at Princeton (BA 1971), Yale (JD 1975), and Oxford (PhD. 1983).

THE SHIELD OF ACHILLES: War, Peace and the Course of History (Alfred A. Knopf, 2002)