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The Birth of a Revolution


Steven Ozment (View Bio)
Hardcover: Doubleday, 1993.


"With engaging immediacy, Ozment recreates the ambience of early Protestantism." — Publishers Weekly

"This lively and interesting interpretation of the Protestant Reformation is one of the first attempts to see the reformation through the culture and personalities that shaped it." — Booklist

"This is a compellingly interesting work by one of the foremost authorities of the Lutheran Reformation." — ADRIS Newsletter (Religious Information Services)

"Realized superbly.... Ozment's fine book has as much contemporary relevance as it has appeal to those who appreciate well-written and solidly researched history." — Newport News Daily Press

"PROTESTANTS is not just a superb piece of Reformation history but a shrewd examination of how the theory of Protestantism translates into the pragmatic, respectability driven Protestant culture that prevails to this day.... Ozment also writes clear, cant-free prose." — First Things

"PROTESTANTS is a book which is notably concise, humane, and original.... To probe the intimate workings of the popular mind, pastoral and personal sources are exploited ...which, under Ozment's penetrating exploration, yield acute insights into Protestant conscience and motivation.... a picture which is admirably clear and vivid." — Times Literary Supplement

"Ozment's highly readable account is superb." — Jaroslav Pelikan, History Book Club Newsletter

"A fascinating examination of Reformation letters, diaries, and pamphlets." — Kirkus Reviews

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