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Sweetness and Light

A Book of Desserts


Kip Wilcox and Lisa Cowden (View Bio)
; Paperback: Random House, 1996.

Sweetness and Light

"SWEETNESS AND LIGHT is a collection of dessert recipes gleaned from friends, family and hard-won experience, amended to accommodate the modern craze for minimal fat and sugar — without sacrificing flavor. Categories are prefaced by anecdotal tales often detailing recipe origins." — Ithaca Times

"Healthful, flavorful desserts.... [A]n ample introduction to the last sweet course, with recipes ranging from the very simple to the more demanding." — Publishers Weekly

"Handsomely illustrated.... SWEETNESS AND LIGHT's recipes are written with an admirable clarity." — Doris Faber, The Independent

"A new cookbook with tasty, easy cookie recipes that are lower in fat and calories than their ordinary counterparts." — Self

"[Wilcox and Cowden] bring artistry to a cookbook of desserts that are low in both fat and sugar. Ranging from pies and puddings to cobblers and cookies, the majority of recipes are easy to prepare, and the authors have paid close attention to flavor and texture.... Personal recollections are sprinkled throughout, giving this attractive book a friendly feel." — Cooking Light

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