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Tempting Faith

An Inside Account of Political Seduction


David Kuo (View Bio)
Hardcover: The Free Press, 2006.

Tempting Faith
A New York Times Best Seller

"An engrossing piece of religious autobiography and a revealing, sometimes unnerving window into evangelical Christian culture." — Peter Steinfels, The New York Times

"Kuo is right to warn Christians about the dangerous lures of politics…. I don’t think we should easily dismiss the warnings both explicit and implicit in Kuo's book. Though he never uses the term idolatry, he demonstrates how political power became an idol in his life and warns others against following that path. His call for a ‘fast’ from politics (except for voting) has caused a bit of a stir, but perhaps that partially proves his point even if he presses too far toward an either/or dilemma. If we can’t fathom taking even a short break from political activity, perhaps we have too much faith in politics…. Perchance Kuo’s book and the controversy it stirs will help turn Christians away from the temptation to place their primary confidence in politics as God’s path to cultural restoration." — Amy E. Black, Christianity Today

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