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The Aeneid

by Vergil


Sarah Ruden (View Bio)
Hardcover: Yale University Press, 2007.

This extraordinary new translation of the Aeneid stands alone among modern Vergil translations for its accuracy and poetic appeal. Sarah Ruden, a lyric poet in her own right, is the first woman to translate Vergil’s great epic, and she renders the poem in the same number of lines as the original work—a very rare feat that maintains technical fidelity to the original without diminishing its emotional power.


Ruden’s translation follows Vergil’s content faithfully, and the economy and fast pace she achieves are true to his own unflagging narrative force. With its central theme of national destiny versus. the destiny of individuals, the poem has great resonance in our own times, and Ruden adheres closely to the poet’s message. Her rendering of Vergil’s words gives immediacy to his struggling faith that history has beauty and purpose in spite of its pain. With this distinguished translation, modern readers can experience for themselves the timeless power of Vergil's masterpiece.

"Robert Fagles, shortly before his death, set the bar very high for translating [Vergil's] Aeneid. Yet already the scholar-poet Sarah Ruden has soared over the bar.... The translation is alive in every part.... This is the first translation since Dryden's that can be read as a great English poem in itself." — Garry Wills, The New York Review of Books

"Fast, clean, and clear, sometimes terribly clever, and often strikingly beautiful.... For me, hers is the cleanest of modern verse translations." — Richard Garner, The New Criterion

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