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The Civilized Engineer


Samuel C. Florman (View Bio)
Hardcover: St. Martin's Press, 1987; Paperback: St. Martin's Press/Griffin, 1998.

The Civilized Engineer

"Mr. Florman is a respected professional engineer and a man of wide cultivation. He writes with beautiful clarity and his wit springs from his material." — The New York Times Book Review

"Florman is the man we've been looking for. Incredible as the combination may appear, he is both a practicing engineer and a truly gifted writer." — Fortune

"Essential reading ...[Florman's] lucid prose is readily accessible to anyone who wants to know more about the profession most influential in shaping the 20th century." — Philadelphia Inquirer

"[A] thoroughly provocative and enjoyable book, written in vigorous clear prose.... A wise and thoughtful book for both humanists and engineers." — Library Journal

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