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The Dog Who Loved Too Much

Tales, Treatments, and the Psychology of Dogs


Nicholas H. Dodman, D.V.M. (View Bio)
Hardcover: Bantam Books, 1996; Paperback: Bantam Books, 1997.

The Dog Who Loved Too Much

"This is one of the best books for dog trainers and pet trainers to come along in years." — Library Journal

"This is exciting reading [and] one of the most breezy, enjoyable books I have read on animal behavior in a long time." — Jacque Lynn Schultz, Director ASPCA Companion Animal Services

"This is a brilliant book." — Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University, and author of THINKING IN PICTURES

"THE DOG WHO LOVED TOO MUCH is about people who love a lot (can a person love too much?) and the wonderful objects of their affections. It is about a bond and a debt that is 140 centuries old. It is about caring enough to try to understand the miraculous give and take of love." — Roger Caras, President of the ASPCA and author of ROGER CARAS' TREASURY OF GREAT DOG STORIES

"Dr. Nicholas Dodman offers an entertaining and engaging account of common behavioral problems along with cutting edge treatment ideas that will enlighten dog lovers everywhere." — John J. Ratey, M.D., Harvard Medical School, co‚Äďauthor of DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION and ANSWERS TO DISTRACTION

"Dr. Dodman writes with sensitivity, a sense of fun, and an extraordinary depth of understanding as he explores the psychology of dogs. This should be compulsory reading for anyone who would own a dog. This could be the most important book on dog behavior of this century." — Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of THE HIDDEN LIFE OF DOGS

"Dog psychology is a relatively new branch of veterinary science. Until 20 years ago, treatment for undesired canine conduct was referred to dog trainers. Dr. Dodman, professor at the renowned Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, is an expert on domestic animal behavioral and psychological research. His work with problem dogs has led to humane therapies.... Dodman's findings could provide solutions for owners who have nearly given up hope for their unruly dogs." — Booklist

"Dodman shares poignant, practical, and proven information on how to handle even the most frustrating behavioral problems." — Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"A must read for anyone involved with dogs in any way. I read the book in just three sittings...and had to laugh and cry alternatively at the very familiar situations." — Kennel Yelps

"[A]n animal behavior book par excellence." — Kirkus Reviews

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