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The Emerging Democratic Majority


John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira (View Bio)
Hardcover: Lisa Drew Books/Scribner, 2002; Paperback: Scribner, 2004.

The Emerging Democratic Majority

Just as Kevin Phillips predicted in the 1960s the coming of a Republican era, Judis and Teixeira have identified the progressive trends which foretell of a return to dominance for the Democratic party. Using demographic, geographic, economic, and political data, the authors have identified the trends that will usher in this major change in American politics.

An Economist Book of the Year

"Using psychological studies and survey evidence, the authors argue that the tide in American politics is flowing towards Democrats — driven by women, Hispanics and unhappy professionals.... Worth remembering, in case their prediction proves correct." — The Economist

"THE EMERGING DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY...is this season's most important and insightful political book and could have impact for years to come.... Judis and Teixeira make a compelling case that the Democratic Party has the more solid political base.... From all indications, this fall's midterm elections should confirm the Judis-Teixeira thesis." — Chicago Sun-Times

"An insightful and plausible case for a resurgent Democratic majority.... A thoughtful and well-argued book." — Library Journal

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