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The Genocides


Thomas M. Disch (View Bio)
Online Edition: Chu Hartley Publishers, 2016.

The Genocides

Nominated for a 1965 Nebula Award for Best Novel
Now available as an e-book!

"A petrifying essay in the macabre." — The Listener

"A captivating classic. Disch does a fantastic job creating atmosphere—this is one dark, moody piece. Many of the scenes here are downright haunting as the reality of the situation is driven home like when, for example, they resort to cannibalism. And the story’s pacing is perfect. The plot progresses smoothly and quickly and has enough depth and turns to keep even the most casual reader intensely interested. At a lean 145 pages, that’s quite an achievement for any story, let alone an author’s first like this 1965 novel is for Disch. The Genocides is a superb story. Highly recommended." — SF Signal

"Disch’s first novel, The Genocides, his most formidable early work, involves alien manipulation of Earth from a perspective indifferent (this time chillingly) to any human values or priorities or conventions of storytelling…. One of the most chilling conclusions to any sf novel then published in the USA." — SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

"Majestic indeed … as credible a menace as I ever came on…. a Rarity." — Brian Aldiss

"There are people in this book I will not forget for a long time.... It is the best reading bargain you're likely to get for some time." — Fantasy & Science Fiction

"Outstanding.... The best post-disaster yarn since The Day of the Triffids." — The Sun

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