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The Hillary Trap

Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places


Laura Ingraham (View Bio)
Hardcover: Hyperion, 2000; Paperback: Encounter Books, 2002.

The Hillary Trap

Hillary Clinton as a role model? Bah! says Laura Ingraham, NBC and MSNBC reporter. This book is a gold mine of sharp culture commentary and slashing policy wonkery, showing Hillary — on substantive grounds — to be an empty pants-suit. Hillary's no brave champion of women's rights, says the other Dr. Laura. She's a 60s retread whose prescriptions for the family, education, work are simply, objectively mistaken. Following Hillary's template for success, women will wind up…a doormat.

"This is a sharp, shrewd and fast-moving book that exposes the fraud that radical feminism is perpetrating on young women. It conveys to women and men the importance of defeating not only Hillary, but what she stands for." — Dinesh D'Souza

"Hillary is running for president. It's a matter of when, not if. Witty and substantive, THE HILLARY TRAP is an indispensable resource that exposes her radical views issue by issue. For anyone like me who shudders at the prospect of another Clinton presidency, this book is a must-read." — Sean Hannity

"[S]ure to spark much debate." — Kirkus Reviews

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