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The Hungry Soul

Eating and the Perfecting of Our Nature


Leon R. Kass (View Bio)
Hardcover: The Free Press, 1994; Paperback: University of Chicago Press, 1999.

The Hungry Soul

"Yum." — Miss Manners

"Who would have thought a book on 'eating' could turn out to be a brilliant exploration of the human condition, its limits and its potential? That is what Leon Kass has done, in a dazzling book." — The Public Interest

"THE HUNGRY SOUL is a philosophical inquiry with an overriding practical dimension. It seeks to uncover in the meaning of eating, nothing less than clues to leading 'the good life': that is life adorned and illuminated by expressions of 'the true, the good, the beautiful and the holy'." — Chicago Tribune

"Kass is a distinguished and graceful writer and his message and his example are of the first importance." — Roger Scruton, The Times Literary Supplement

"An imaginative and erudite exploration of the relationship between eating and human nature." — Bret Stephens, The Wall Street Journal

"[A] stimulating treatise on the anthropology and ethics of eating." — Kirkus Reviews

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