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The Long March

How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America


Roger Kimball (View Bio)
Hardcover: Encounter Books, 2000; Paperback: Encounter Books, 2001.

The Long March

"Roger Kimball has distinguished himself as one of the most articulate and forceful spokesman of the hard conservative view....In laying out this sorry tale in such vivid detail, Kimball has performed a service...[O]ne of our liveliest and best-trained intellects." — Commentary

"Roger Kimball delivers a shrewd judgment....His dissection of the ideas that coalesced into cultural revolution is superb....Mr. Kimball clears away the underbrush of false history and shows what actually happened." — The Wall Street Journal

"Erudite and passionate, Roger Kimball's THE LONG MARCH aims to show how the counterculture of the 50s and 60s is directly responsible for 'the triumph of vulgarity' in our own time.... The managing editor of The New Criterion reviews the ideals of the cultural revolution and castigates its prime agitators. For Kimball, Susan Sontag is 'ferociously intellectual without necessarily being intelligent;' Norman Mailer is a 'preposterously' bad writer. As always, Kimball's hectoring tone and hard-line stance are sure to divide his readers into two irreconcilable camps." — Publishers Weekly

"[I]mportant.... The 'long march' refers to the radical Left's takeover of the most important institutions in American society over the last half century.... The bulk of Kimball's book is devoted to documenting, in explicit detail, what the radicals said and did.... [H]is book is itself a sort of therapy. Or really shock therapy. Thanks to Kimball we have been reminded of [cultural revolutions'] power." — The Weekly Standard

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