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The Man Plan

Drive Men Wild—Not Away


Whitney Casey (View Bio)
Hardcover: Penguin Perigee, 2009.

The Man Plan

"Sexy, fun and outrageous! Whitney taps into all the things men want women to know.... Trust me, it's hot!!!"—Jackie Collins

From your breath to your breasts, perfume to bedroom, in THE MAN PLAN you can find out what men think about your female foibles, flaws, and follies. As they share every flaw-filled anecdote, you'll get the easy-to-fix antidote. The world's leading experts on beauty and cosmetics, medicine and health, fashion, food, fitness, travel, technology, sports, style, and sex will give you the answers to play the field flawlessly. THE MAN PLAN reveals all the time-tested tools to "fix the physical", including: No More Blushing: Cosmetics & Beauty; Ladies, Don't "Make-Up" My Bed; Dirty Girl: Health & Hygiene; Hey Hey! Don't Forget the Vajayjay!; UN-Dressed Fashion; Out of Control Top Pantyhose; Foul Play: Sports & Fitness; A Gamer's Glossary; Check Luggage, Leave Your Baggage: Travel & Leisure; Alone Time On a Together Trip; A Full Plate and a Glass Half Full: Food & Wine: We Treat, You Better Eat. So, toss out those magazines telling you different things every month, forget reading books about getting to Mars or Venus, and kick your gabby girlfriend's advice to the curb. THE MAN PLAN has first-hand feedback straight from the field...of MEN. Your "female flaws" will go from fatal to fabulous! Men are simple codes to crack—if you've formed the right attack. Play to win with THE MAN PLAN.

"Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or a bunch of Mr. Right Nows, Whitney gives you an engaging modern girl’s guide to what drives men wild and what drives them away." — Bonnie Fuller, former editor of Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmopolitian, and Us Weekly

"I wish I met Whitney when I was single, or at least had her wisdom in hand. It would have saved me from more than 50+ bad blind dates. Whitney is not only gorgeous but effervescent, smart and savvy. I have watched her navigate through both politics and pillow-talk with grace and ease. She is, and always will be the quintessential Glamour girl." — Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive fashion editor at large, Glamour magazine

"Whitney Casey redefines the modern day ‘glamazon’ and ‘sex and the single girl.’ THE MAN PLAN is an insightful point of view from a woman who is as comfortable behind the camera as on the red carpet, Whitney has a unique take on beauty and relationships in today’s ever evolving social politics." — John Demsey, President, Estée Lauder

"How attractive is a confident woman? Very. THE MAN PLAN helps women learn how to own their assets and limit their liabilities. (Fellas, we may have to step-up our game.)" — Lance Armstrong

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