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The Mona Lisa Stratagem

The Art of Women, Age, and Power


Harriet Rubin (View Bio)
Hardcover: Warner Books, 2007.

A brilliant sequel to her 1997 international bestseller THE PRINCESSA: Machiavelli for Women—a book published in 24 countries that helped hundreds of thousands of women seeking success to deal with the conflicts of intimacy and the battles of business life—THE MONA LISA STRATAGEM is the finishing school to the education Harriet Rubin's THE PRINCESSA started.

Around the time a woman reaches the age of 45, there is one enemy with the power to threaten her confidence, steal her beauty, make her feel invisible, and turn even the pleasures of life against her. That enemy is time. Most women feel that an essential part of them dies when their youth is gone, yet the reality is women can grow more beautiful, experience new pleasures, and accomplish their best work later in life. Taking inspiration from a masterpiece of female beauty, mystery, and immortality, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Rubin reveals a powerful stratagem for finding happiness and fulfillment in midlife and beyond. She teaches an art of presence that can bring older women happiness, seductiveness, persuasiveness, and accomplishment far greater than young women ever manage to achieve for themselves.

Interweaving stories of iconic women throughout history, Rubin codifies ten tactics, including how to be noticed, how to create circles of influence with you at the center, and how to express talents that have been ripening over decades. In the process, she offers freedom from the tyranny of growing older and the secrets of women, age, and power.

For young women wanting to know what destiny has in store and mid-lifers wanting to act wisely, THE MONA LISA STRATAGEM is a must-read.