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The Nose

A Profile of Sex, Beauty and Survival


Gabrielle Glaser (View Bio)
Hardcover: Atria Books, 2002; Paperback: Washington Square Press, 2003.

The Nose

"In her deeply researched narrative, Glaser...throws herself headlong down the nose's dark and mysterious passageways, exploring everything from how badly humans smelled until there was running water and soap to how folks came to believe that the size of the nose reveals a man's penis size. She explains how the thing works, chronicles the history of nose jobs and visits a fragrance guru to examine that industry. And no book on noses would be complete without a history of snorting snuff or cocaine.... The book is funny and frank." — Washington Post

"Glaser draws a thousand scents into a highly readable narrative that's a breath of fresh air." — Christian Science Monitor

"A quirky...well-told book that examines [the nose's] place in history and cultures." — Seattle Post–Intelligencer

"A fascinating book. From chronic sinusitis to aromatherapy, from plastic surgery to the history of hygiene, THE NOSE is a witty, compassionate look at all things nasal.... THE NOSE is filled with interesting bits of trivia. However, this book is much more than a collection of anecdotes. Glaser examines the way we choose to spend money and questions how much science can tell us about the intricate workings of our own body. In her stories, we recognize ourselves, our preoccupations, our prejudices. THE NOSE is personal and social commentary of the most engaging kind." — The Sunday Oregonian

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