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Tocqueville on American Character

Why Tocqueville's Brilliant Exploration of the American Spirit Is As Vital and Important Today As It Was Nearly Two Hundred Years Ago


Michael A. Ledeen (View Bio)
Hardcover: Truman Talley Books/St. Martin's Press, 2000; Paperback: St. Martin's Press/Griffin, 2001.

Tocqueville on American Character

Alexis de Tocqueville's DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA describes early nineteenth century America in terms that provide an electric shock of recognition. Ledeen shows that the American spirit which so moved Tocqueville is still very much alive and can be stirred in all of us. A course in ethics, both for government and the individual citizen, DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA is needed, and Ledeen shows us how to follow it.

"Michael A. Ledeen's perceptive and witty TOCQUEVILLE ON AMERICAN CHARACTER is concerned to promote a sharper and richer understanding of social and political life in today's America by bringing Tocqueville's wisdom to bear on contemporary issues and events.... Ledeen's understanding of the freedom that is at stake is Tocquevillian in richness and depth." — Times Literary Supplement

"Mr. Ledeen is a fluent, informed, and clear-seeing writer, with a gift for getting down to brass tacks while discarding implements less shiny.... A rewarding guide." — The Washington Times

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