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What to Do About...

A Collection of Essays from Commentary Magazine edited by Neal Kozodoy


Commentary Magazine (View Bio)
Hardcover: ReganBooks, 1995; Paperback: ReganBooks, 1996.

What to Do About...

Edited by Neal Kozodoy and introduced by Norman Podhoretz, this book contains hard-hitting essays by some of the most eminent figures on the American intellectual scene. They write on What to Do About …The Children by William J. Bennett; The First Amendment by Robert H. Bork; Immigration by Linda Chavez; National Defense by Eliot A. Cohen; The Arts by Joseph Epstein; The Schools by Chester E. Finn Jr.; Health Care by David Frumm; The Universities by Gertrude Himmelfarb; Foreign Policy by Robert Kagan; Welfare by Charles Murray; The CIA by Richard Pipes; Affirmative Action by Arch Puddington; Abortion by James Q. Wilson; Crime by James Q. Wilson.

"This is a great book." — The Wall Street Journal

"Fascinating and important." — The Wall Street Journal

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