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White Protestant Nation

The Rise of the American Conservative Movement


Allan J. Lichtman (View Bio)
Hardcover: Grove/Atlantic, 2008.

White Protestant Nation

Allan Lichtman argues that the passion that drives modern American conservatives is not economic philosophy, but the desire to protect the virtues of our early twentieth century American national identity. Conservatives are struggling to preserve "traditional values" which they see corroded by an increasingly diverse, pluralistic society. This book is a history of America's complex and ever-evolving form of cultural nationalism, as championed by conservatives. It seeks to understand when and how the contemporary American right first emerged; how its ideology, organization, and platforms developed; what explains its lasting appeal to the American people; and what accounts for the ebb and flow of its political influence.

Finalist for the 2008 National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction

"This comprehensive study of conservative politics from the post-WWI era to the present is replete with clear analysis and good nuggets of information…. As a structural blueprint of conservative political power… this book is without peer, giving readers a wonderful historical survey of the last 80 years of conservative politics." — Publishers Weekly

"Comprehensive overview of the history and future of American conservatism…. Impressive…. An important examination of the political, moral and economic forces that continue to shape the movement." — Kirkus Reviews

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