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Who Stole Feminism?

How Women Have Betrayed Women


Christina Hoff Sommers (View Bio)
Hardcover: Simon & Schuster, 1994; Paperback: Simon & Schuster, 1995.

Who Stole Feminism?

"Uses ingenious detective work to unmask the shocking fraud and propaganda of establishment feminism." — Camille Paglia, Vamps and Tramps

"Sommers's voice is brashly confrontational; her approach is both investigative and polemical. But one need not accept her politics to appreciate the best of her book: its critical reporting." — Deirdre English, Washington Post

"Sommers has done something lethally deflating to the pretensions of the shriller sort of feminists: she looked at their evidence and found it lacking." — Linda Seebach, The Los Angeles Daily News

"Ms. Sommers simply lines up her facts and shoots one bull's eye after another." — Melanie Kirkpatrick, The Wall Street Journal

"Likely to be the most talked about manifesto since Susan Faludi's BACKLASH." — Laura Shapiro, Newsweek

"An incisive description of the heartbreaking violence done social science by polemicists who confuse righteousness with rightness." — Lionel Tiger

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