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Why Are There No Good Men Left

The Romantic Plight of the New Single Woman


Barbara Dafoe Whitehead (View Bio)
Hardcover: Broadway Books, 2002; Paperback: Broadway Books, 2003.

Why Are There No Good Men Left

Hooking up, hanging out, going dutch. Acclaimed writer and sociologist Barbara Dafoe Whitehead interviews today's women to examine how the rules of dating have changed dramatically, and why women have been playing by them — and losing out on the bargain.

"This absorbing volume goes far beyond a superficial examination of the current dating scene for single women. It delves deeply into how dating and commitment differ from times past and the effects those changes are having on women and our culture.... [Whitehead's] engaging cultural assessment...sheds light on a current problem women now face." — Publishers Weekly

"Ms. Whitehead outlines, with impressive ideological neutrality, the massive social changes that she believes have produced, since the 1970s...successive crops of marriageable, yet unmarried, women.... Lately I've been distributing copies of WHY THERE ARE NO GOOD MEN LEFT.... And on the strength of Barbara Dafoe Whitehead's powerful arguments, I've also found myself...rehearsing what I'll say to my small daughters when they hit puberty." — The Wall Street Journal

"It's become impossible to figure out which group of American females is in the biggest funk.... One might conclude after reading Barbara Dafoe Whitehead's book...[it is] the hotshot young career women who can't manage to coax eligible men into the honeymoon suite.... Interesting and even moving." — The Atlantic Montlhy

"Brilliant.... She does a credible job of outlining the historical and sociological trends that have led to the apparent man shortage.... Whitehead's tracing of the way these changes have come together is thought provoking.... Her passion really ignites." — Washington Post

"[Whitehead] is the kind of author who tackles the tough issues head on, refusing to be deterred by popular opinion [or] political correctness.... Whitehead's previous book, THE DIVORCE CULTURE, canvassed all the usual suspects in a hard-hitting investigation into the collapse of American family values. In WHY THERE ARE NO GOOD MEN LEFT, Whitehead turns her attention from relationships that break down to the ones that never make it out the driveway." — Australian Magazine

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