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Michael Chertoff, Why Is This Ball in Our Court?
The Wall Street Journal, June 17, 2004


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Manuela Hoelterhoff, Hitler's Summer Seasons: Backstage with the F├╝hrer (Alfred A. Knopf, September 2027)

David Lehman, The Best American Poetry 2024: Guest Editor, Mary Jo Salter (Scribner, September 2024)

Marty Makary, M.D., Blind Spots: When Medicine Gets It Wrong, and What It Means for Our Health (Bloomsbury, September 2024)

Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., Origin Story: The Trials of Charles Darwin (W.W. Norton & Co., June 2024)

Robert B. Strassler, The Landmark Polybius: The Federation and Conquest of the Greek States (Pantheon, March 2026)