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Michael Chertoff, Why Is This Ball in Our Court?
The Wall Street Journal, June 17, 2004


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Overcoming Dyslexia: Second Edition, Completely Revised and Updated (Alfred A. Knopf, March 2020)

Nicholas A. Basbanes, Cross of Snow: A Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Alfred A. Knopf, June 2020)

Richard A. Epstein, A Brief History of the Supreme Court (Basic Books, September 2022)

Manuela Hoelterhoff, Hitler's Summer Seasons: Backstage with the F├╝hrer (Alfred A. Knopf, September 2021)

Jonathan D. Horn, Washington's End: The Final Years and Forgotten Struggle (Scribner, February 2020)

Abigail Shrier, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters (Regnery, June 2020)

Robert B. Strassler, The Landmark Polybius: The Federation and Conquest of the Greek States (Pantheon, March 2021)

Ruth R. Wisse, Jews and Power (Schocken Books, February 2020)