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November 2022

Posted 11.30.22:  "Marc Myers' newest is the second book culled from his long-running Wall Street Journal column, ‘Anatomy of A Song.' The first, Anatomy of a Song, a critical smash released in 2016, provided oral histories on the making of 45 era-defining hits from interviews with the artists that crafted them.... In Anatomy of 55 More Songs: The Oral History of Top Hits That Changed Rock, Pop and Soul Myers brings you backstage for an incredibly detailed view of their inspirations and creations. These are engaging narratives that are dressed up with offbeat trivia that will make you the star conversationalist of any cocktail party.... Myers' book also provides astute musical analysis that places the songs within the context of their time and meta musical trends.... The descriptions above just scratch the surface of these fine books, ones which belong on the bookshelf of any diehard music-lover and every music-maker seeking to capture lightning in a bottle."—Sal Cataldi, NYS Music