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The Hundredth Window

Protecting Your Privacy and Security in the Age of the Internet


Charles Jennings and Lori Fena (View Bio)
Hardcover: The Free Press, 2000; Paperback: Free Press, 2003.

The Hundredth Window

Jennings and Fena, co-founders of the internet watchdog group, TRUSTe, detail the innumerable, and enormous, threats to your personal privacy that lurk on the net. Protecting your identity, your finances, your preferences and your privacy is a computer skill that needs to be learned now...or else. Read this book to discover how.

"[V]aluable to consumers." — Publishers Weekly

"[A] primer that should be read by anybody who's new to email, online ordering, or newsgroups.... [A] breezy and informative guide to the flow of information over electronic networks. It will startle anybody who still holds the naive hope that keystrokes tapped in privacy will remain so.... [I]t's full of tips about ways to preserve privacy against a rising tide of information brokering." — Portland Oregonian

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