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Stephan Thernstrom and Abigail Thernstrom

Stephan Thernstrom is the Winthrop Professor of History at Harvard University. He is the editor of The Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups and the author of several books, including Poverty and Progress and The Other Bostonians, winner of the Bancroft Prize.

Abigail Thernstrom is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute in New York City and a member of the Massachusetts State Board of Education. She is the author of Whose Votes Count?: Affirmative Action and Minority Voting Rights, which won four awards. A commissioner on the U.S Commission on Civil Rights, she is a frequent contributor to a variety of publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The New Republic.

AMERICA IN BLACK AND WHITE: One Nation, Indivisible (Simon & Schuster, 1997)

NO EXCUSES: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning (Simon & Schuster, 2003)